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Supplements on SALE!

Hello everyone!


Since my in-person practice ends this week, I am selling off all my inventory at 15% off- first come, first served!


If there is something you'd like to try that I have not yet prescribed, we can discuss if it would be suitable for you.


I can leave it out for you at Creekside, even if you can't get there this week. I'll also be in Toronto for at least Dec.30-Jan.5 so I can find a way to get them to Toronto patients, too!


- Magnesium Bisglycinate!

- Vegegreens Mint Cucumber powder

- Ancient Minerals Magnesium Spray Ultra

- PGX Weight Loss Meal Replacement

- Lumion Mist spray (anti-acne, hydrating, helps skin heal)

- Deep Immune tincture

- Cyto-C (vitamin C)

- Cyto-Inositol

- Purepaleo Protein Powder- Vanilla, chocolate

- Dream Protein Powder- Vanilla

- Black Cumin

- Allimax (garlic- antimicrobial, etc)


- Actives ACES (immune support)

- Pectoral Restoral tincture (lung tonic)

- Vertigo homeopathic

- Snoring homeopathic

- Andrographis tincture (immune support/antimicrobial)

- Smoke Stop tincture

- VSP (valerian, skullcap, passionflower- sleep)

- Melo Matrix (liquid melatonin)

- Sustained-Release Melatonin

- Serenipro

- Collagen Beauty

- Active B Complex

- B6 SAP

- Fungafect

- Zinc SAP

- Ox Bile (post-gall bladder removal, psoriasis, etc)

- Curcummatrix (curcumin/turmeric- antiinflammatory)

- Anti-Inflammatory Enzymes

- Adrenal Cortex (iykyk)

- Omega EPA (liquid fish oil- goji berry lemonade flavour!)

- Peak EPA (fish oil capsules)

- Pascoflair (passionflower- sleep/anxiety, etc)

- Pascofemin drops/tablets (hormone-balancing)

- Sorlex (cold sores)

- Ferrum phos (iron absorption)

- Complete Mineral Complex

- HSN Complete- Hair Skin Nails

- Joint Pro NEM (arthritis)

- Mood Matrix

- Horsechestnut (varicose veins)

- Sinus Forte

- Ginkgo- memory, tinnitus, etc

- St. John's Wort (depression/anxiety)

- Hericium SAP (lion's mane mushroom- memory)

- DGL (soothes/protects esophagus from reflux, soothes stomach.)

- Menopause SAP

- Thyroid Matrix

- Seleno-Sorb (selenium)

- Bio B Matrix HP (B complex)

- Mitochondrial formula (for mitochondrial energy- wonderful post-COVID)

- Cyto-Folate (prenatal prep)

- Limonen-E- (reflux)

Let me know!  :)

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