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Creekside Wellness 


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** If inquiring about an appointment,

please let me know:

- Which clinic (Toronto or Uxbridge)?

- If you'd like a full initial consult or 15-minute meet-and-greet!

Virtual appointments (video using, or phone consults) also available upon request! (Mon/Tues/Friday).

Wholistic Care Center (Bloor-Dundas/Roncesvalles area)

- 2238 Dundas West, Suite #215 Toronto

- Minutes from Dundas W subway.  

Free parking on the NE side, wheelchair accessible.

- Thursday 3-10pm

Creekside Wellness (Atop Tin Mill restaurant!)

53 Toronto St N, 2nd floor, Uxbridge

- Parking out front, or municipal parking just south of the clinic

- Wednesday 10-10