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*** As of September 2023, I will be practicing at Nourish Wellness in Comox! ***

Booking for ONTARIO 
Virtual Visits

Booking for BC 
Virtual Visits

Virtual appointments (video using, or phone consults) outside of the hours listed are certainly flexible, and available upon request!

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 250.289.0112 (BC) 

647.218.7429 (ON)

** If inquiring about an appointment,

please let me know:

1. Your province!

2. If you'd like a full initial consult

or a 15-minute meet-and-greet 

(P.S. Videos can often help you get a feel for my vibe so we can go right to initiating care!)

Nourish Wellness (In-Person Visits)
1822 Comox Ave, Unit C (Second Floor)
Comox, BC
V9M 3M7

Mondays 10-8
Wednesdays- 3-8
Thursdays- 10-8

** (Take the outside stairs on the NE corner to the second floor!)

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