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These Are a Few of My Favourite Things!: Libretea Glasses

Libretea Collage.jpg

I am starting a blog series on my favourite things. I foresee that they will generally be food and drink related, items that can facilitate making your life more healthy!

The first featured item shall be my beloved Libretea glasses!

I am their biggest fan. Yes, I am selling them at both of my clinics I am so obsessed with them. I do not endorse any product that I do not wholeheartedly love.

So, why should you invest in a Libretea glass? Why, let me count the ways!

1. There are two layers, the space between them creating a thermal layer, for hot or cold fluids.

2. The inner layer is glass (and borosilicate glass at that, similar to the famous tough "Pyrex" glass), which means that you're avoiding the leaching (especially with boiling water) of all sorts of chemicals found in a plastic tea mug.

3. The outer layer is plastic, so it is durable and not nearly as delicate as an all-glass mug.

4. If anything does break, there's a 1-month warranty on breakage, and a 1-year warranty on all parts!

5. There's a built-in tea infuser that's actually super easy to clean- no long tunnel to dig leaves out of, no fraying mesh, no tea leaves leaking through, it's seriously life-changing (Okay, when you drink as much tea as I do...)! Also, you can put the tea leaves in the glass area to infuse for the duration of your drink, or put the leaves atop the strainer and flip the glass to infuse for a short period then throw out the leaves (or do a second/third/fourth... rinsing later, to extract the most from your precious tea leaves!).

6. The top seal does also directly screw onto the glass if you'd like to use without the infuser layer.

7. Environmentally friendly! You can save every mesh tea bag you use for steeping tea, save money while doing so (since you'll be buying only tea, not the packaging), plus with loose leaf tea you're getting higher quality tea, not just the dustings off the floor like in many tea bags.

8. Arguably the best part: As the mug is made of glass and transparent plastic, one can constantly admire their beautiful and mesmerizing loose leaf. It's a practical and consumable art piece, I absolutely love it. Add in sprigs and strips of fresh herbs (mint, lavender, ginger, etc!) or slices of fruit to make a most beautiful bouquet!

9. For the very small area of plastic that might come in contact with your liquids, it's BPA-free (not that that's the only chemical to worry about, but a good start).

10. Along with being used for hot and cold beverages of all sorts, the glass can also be used for protein shakes (the mesh acts as a mixer to smooth out the protein powder) and as a martini shaker! Not that I'm into that stuff....

If you'd like a glass, you can purchase them online at, or get them for a bit cheaper (and save the shipping) by dropping me a line or visiting one of my clinics! The 14 oz coloured tops are $26+HST and the silver top (as in photo above) is $28+HST.

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