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      feeling serious

            about feeling good?


Want to feel "yourself" again?

Decrease inflammation,

improve sleep and digestion,

lighten mood, and increase energy?

Care to feel more calm, grounded, capable, stable, balanced, clear, and happy?


If you're ready to step up and improve your life so that every  precious moment can be lived healthier, happier, 

then Dr. Shayla Garland ND is here to help!

Dr. Shayla has a focus in practice on stress, digestion, and autoimmunity, and is committed to helping you feel amazing!

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About Dr. Shayla Garland, Naturopathic Doctor


Dr. Shayla came across a description of Naturopathic Medicine when she was 15 years old, and decided instantaneously that that's what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. 


After years of dissatisfaction with the unholistic approach of conventional medicine to her own health concerns; knowing in her heart that chasing symptoms (instead of addressing root cause), disregarding the mind-body connection, and using synthetic chemicals to "heal" her body was not the right path,  Naturopathic Medicine was a glorious discovery!

Dr. Shayla attended 4 years at McMaster University for Life Science, followed by another 4 at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM).  Her focus in practice is stress, digestion, and autoimmunity, and she works out of Toronto and Uxbridge, ON.

To better learn about and connect with humanity and the earth, Dr. Shayla has travelled extensively through Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia.  To unite her love for Naturopathic Medicine with her love for the globe, she founded the CCNM chapter of Naturopaths Without Borders, and has sent dozens of students to Guatemala and Haiti to help teach and heal communities using Naturopathic Medicine!

Let Dr. Shayla Garland holistically assess my life and provide a clear plan for whole-person healing:


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